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We are Yangon based brand and interior design consultancy with human experience perspective. Providing comprehensive end to end solutions for retail & hospitality

"About Us"

Interior designers & decorators based in Yangon. We have well-trained carpenters with more than 10 years of experience from Bangkok. We are enthusiastic to fulfill your desire for modern living & lifestyle.

We are in the business of delivering value added, interior and architectural design and execution projects for the wide profile of corporate, commercial, hotels and residential clients.

Our Passion
for Perfection

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Yangon Interior Design Team

Our Design Process

- Meet & Greet, our site-expert to do an initial assessment of your site

- Capture your requirement and analyzing your individual needs

- Help you understand your possibilities in terms of style and cost using our technological tools


- Prepare conceptual layout planning

- Conduct detailed site inspection & measurement of your property

- BOQ (bill of quantity)

- Giving you the layout, design and subsequent costs of the options you have discussed

- Review proposals; taking into account each professional’s qualifications, though process, timeline, and overall cost

- Goods are ordered

- Secure tradesmen

- Commence project

- Make your house to be Home

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